The 2008 Project



August, 2009

Now I can really say we're done! Everything is painted (except the old stucco on the front of the house.) The driveway is in (no more wooden ramps leading into the garage, and we're even working on landscaping the walkway up to the house.

Hmm.... What project can we take on next?


Christmas, 2008

It's done! Once the snow melts and I get some free time to finish painting (both inside and out), I'll post the finished pictures.

By the way - we chose option 2 below. The finished product looks amazingly like the picture!



Siding is up (ok, so I don't have a picture of the back yet! Wait till the scaffolding comes down!)


Here are 4 possible finishes for the garage. We're leaning toward #1, with #2 as a second choice if brick gets too expensive.

1st choice

2nd choice

These two choices got tossed out really quickly.

Too bright Too dark


Here's we're we've been so far!

Early August, 2008:

Watch the progress of our new addition: a new garage for the cars and a new set of digs for Scott (the old garage)

Our contractor for this project is Kurt Haas. We knew there was something we liked about him when we saw the name of his website.


Work Started! The excavators were in today and dug the foundation. Tomorrow... inspection of the foundation. Check out the foundation experience.


Our contractor, Kurt Haas at the end of day 1


A few weeks later... we had a foundation going up! Sure wouldn't enjoy that job. It would ruin too many shoes!


Right after Labor Day, the walls began to go up. It's amazing how quickly the frame was built .



Within days, the garage was under roof and we had new doors to lock and unlock. Won't be long till we have brick on the front of the garage... then starts work on Scott's new home.

Here are some shots of doors, windows, etc. I wish I could capture the "cathedral ceiling" in the breezeway. Kurt came through again!

We're giving serious thought to putting brick on the front of the garage. We'll see what Kurt can do with that.

From the garage into the house

Looking thru the window in the breezeway

The new door to the breezeway.


Looking into the garage. Yes, that's a double-wide door leading into the backyard.